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Curtin University Sydney

Agents in your country

Curtin University Sydney has a network of representatives all over the world. In most cases,
there will be at least one Curtin University Sydney representative in your city.

What can our agents help you with?

The role of a Curtin University Sydney representative is to help you with your application to study at Curtin University Sydney.
Our agents can assist you with:

Speaking to a Curtin University Sydney representative should ensure your enrolment is as easy and as efficient as possible.

View our list of international accredited Curtin agents

View our list of Navitas agents

View a list of Navitas Accredited Counsellors
Please select a Navitas Accredited Counsellor in your country to assist and guide you through your application process.
The Navitas Accredited Counsellors are experienced professionals and trained in international student counselling and recruitment on both international study destinations and Navitas University programs.
As a result you can rest assured that your future study goals are in the most capable hands.

Please email us at if your agent is not listed and/or if you would like to find out which agents are available in your country.