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Fees and charges

Indicative fees explained

An indicative fee is a guide as to what the actual tuition fee will be. The actual tuition fee is not calculated until enrolment is completed.

All fees listed are indicative and subject to annual increases.

These fees do not include the cost of Overseas Student Health Cover.

Are you studying more than 100 credits per semester?

Students studying more than 100 credits per semester will have a higher annual tuition fee. Course changes will attract fee rates applicable at that time.

A student should expect that the indicative semester course fee, as shown on the Letter of Offer, might vary from the actual tuition fee according to the units (subjects) undertaken.

Fees are set each year and are payable before each semester.

The initial rate will apply for the academic year of enrolment but may be subject to change in subsequent years in accordance with the rate set by the University Council.

All fees, charges and accounts will be payable in advance as determined by Curtin University Sydney. Students will not be permitted to commence or continue their course at the beginning of any semester until all outstanding fees, charges or accounts are paid.

Students will be charged the full amount for repeating units.

Australian/NZ applicants & students

Indicative local student fees

International applicants & students

Indicative international student fees